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DioGuardi Tax Law – Our Heritage and Mission

DioGuardi Tax Law – Our Heritage and Mission - 4.6 out of 5 based on 1795 votes

DioGuardi Tax Law is built on the heritage of its partners past and present:

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Paul DioGuardi, QC has been a tax lawyer and litigator for 50 years. Upon his call to the bar he worked in the Canada Revenue Agency, and then in Justice representing the CRA in court. Thereafter, in private practice he has represented both individuals and corporations in tax matters, and has developed important relationships with the CRA with people/processes/channels of escalation for review by true decision makers.

Philippe DioGuardi, LL.B, LL.L , has practiced tax litigation in both Ontario and Quebec for over 25 years. His approach is to harness the tenets of the law – specifically the various acts that define tax at all levels in Canada, in concert with the principles of civil litigation and the basic rights and freedoms of the Charter of Rights – to review and redefine the interpretations of the law to overcome the blind application of process for the sake of bureaucratic expediency.

In 2004, father and son joined to create a law firm focused exclusively on resolution of taxpayer delinquencies and conflicts with the tax authorities. The cornerstone of the new practice was the creation of a Tax Amnesty approach to unreported income and unfiled tax returns that adds value to the administrative nature of the CRA’s Voluntary Disclosure Program application.

The DioGuardi legal offering was presented to the Canadian public through a branded multi-media campaign. Since 2005, and as a result of the DioGuardi advertising message, the landscape of tax assistance has changed to the point where lawyers and “amnesty-like” mandates are as familiar and accepted as the traditional accountant/tax preparer. DioGuardi alone has managed 5,500 plus client files since that date.

This library of case files is unequalled by any independent tax practice in Canada. Further, the learning acquired from the management and resolution of this volume of files is both formidable and definitive.

The lawyers at DioGuardi, assisted by ex-CRA personnel and strategic advisors with uniquely specialized business, administrative and financial insights, have harnessed the lessons of these thousands of files to develop an ever-evolving knowledge base which is both accessible and affordable to the average taxpayer with a tax problem.

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